Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adding positive marks to a credit report?

I have several loans reported to TransUnion but not Experian or Equifax. How can I get these reported to Experian or Equifax. I contacted the bank and was told TransUnion should report to the other two. Is this true? If not how can I personally get the info added. If needed, I%26#039;m willing to pay a small fee. Although, I%26#039;m guessing I can do it for free. Isn%26#039;t this considered unfair reporting practices?

Adding positive marks to a credit report?

Credit bureaus don%26#039;t typically report to other bureaus because of their competitive/business natures. I%26#039;d ask your lenders to report to the other credit bureaus as well.

Adding positive marks to a credit report?

Any company has the right to report or not report your account to your credit. And if they choose to, they can choose which Credit Bureau to report to. It is thier choice. It costs lenders money to credit report and smaller lenders may choose to credit report on one or none of the Credit Bureau%26#039;s. It is just the way it is.

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