Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Under 18 credit report?

Im 15 and im just curious what a credit looks like if i even have one? how would i go about checking on it?

Under 18 credit report?

You can%26#039;t have a report, as you are under the age of 18. Minors aren%26#039;t allow to have a credit card or engage in any kind of contract with anyone.

Such contracts are illegal, null, void and unenforceable.

Under 18 credit report?

no one under 18 has a credit history because they aren%26#039;t legally allowed to apply for a loan and cannot get a credit card unless on a parent or guardians signature and the parent or guardian is legally responsible. good luck, best wishes.

Under 18 credit report?

Oh is a good example of people answering questions that do not have a clue of what they are talking about!

Yes, you can establish a credit rating when you are 15. My daughter has one! I%26#039;ve helped and advised many people to get one! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

To get your report (if they have one on record) just go to and order it (for free).

Just because you have never had credit in your name doesn%26#039;t mean you don%26#039;t have a report. Ever hear of ID Theft? Someone may have used your ID to gain;s a smart idea to keep an eye on it just in case.

Under 18 credit report?

Yes, it%26#039;s possible to have credit with the following:

a) if your parent has put you on their credit card as a %26quot;co-signer%26quot; (which means your parents are taking responsibility for your credit card)

b) If you are emancipated from your parents.

c) If someone opens up account fraudulently in your name.

Generally they can go on your credit report, however if you are under 18 and have no accounts there probably isn%26#039;t anything on your file. Nothing was added to my credit report until I started using a credit card when I was 19.


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