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PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

I gave them my information, but my year of birth is that of my sister%26#039;s as well as one of her late payments! I should have great credit and hers is ok credit, but somehow our personal infor is intertwined! What should I do? I knw she hasn%26#039;t stolen my credit cards or anything like that. So you think maybe it%26#039;s just a mistake by the website?

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

It depends. Did you go to the actual credit reporting website, like were you transferred to the Experian or Transunion sites? And even if you weren%26#039;t, I would still worry.

Go the the gov site that lets you get all 3 reports for free. I think its Get all three reports and compare them. If they have wrong information, you need to contact each of the individual companies and get the info corrected. Its not all that hard to do.

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

No. It sounds like it%26#039;s a mistake by the credit bureau.

You need to contact them either in writing or online and tell them this- explain in as much detail as possible. They can fix it (and will) but it%26#039;s on you to tell them.

You absolutely must do this- you do not want your credit ruined by having it mixed up with someone else%26#039;s information!!

Just go on to the website and look for %26quot;dispute information%26quot; and look there- the exact place differs from site to site.

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

You need to contact the credit bureau and request that they fix it. there should be a phone # on your credit report (even if you got it online) that you can contact them if you have any more questions.

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

no probably not a mistake of the website but a mistake of the have to call the credit people...for example...if it was put into collections you need to contact the collection agency and the original place that you or her started making payments to and straighten everything out....they wont straighten it out for have to be the one to contact them and bring it to their attention....i have been through that before...its a lot of work but its definately worth it....i would write to the credit people you got your credit report from (for example Trans Union is a credit bureau) you would have to write to them or contact them in some type of way and let them know whats going on....well i wish you the best....good luck

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

Step 1 - go to and request your other reports. You can do this for free once a year.

Step 2 - check each one carefully for errors.

Step 3 - wherever you find errors, contact the credit reporting agency (Experian, Transunion, Equifax) and find out what THEIR procedure is for disputing an item. They will probably tell you to contact the alleged lender (and can give you the needed contact info) and they will also probably have you fill out their own dispute form (which sort of puts a hold on things until you can get it straightened out).

Step 4 - follow their instructions. Get EVERYTHING in writing (this leaves a paper trail if things get messy). All correspondence should be sent return receipt requested, so you can a). prove they got it and b). prove WHEN they got it.

This is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but you absolutely CAN do it yourself (DO NOT pay someone else to %26#039;clean-up%26#039; your credit). You just have to be diligent and follow-up on everything yourself.

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

I cant answer for every case but when i have used it was not accurate. my credit score was much better on that report than what showed up when a finance company ran it.

PLease help me!! Are credit report wesites like accurate?

Those companies offering credit scores do not use the FICO Scores, so they won%26#039;t be totally accurate. If you want the real score, go to the source.

But that%26#039;s not the question she%26#039;s asking...

Yes, I%26#039;ll bet your report is accurate, and I can almost guarantee the credit bureau messed up. If they don%26#039;t have the creditor%26#039;s SS# those negative reports can go anywhere!

Someone with my name but in a differant city defaulted, and that report got on my credit record. I thought it was fixed, but a year later I discovered Equifax was still reporting it! Another 2 months of putting up with there excuses was enough for me, so I filed a small claims suit. Won a settlement with them.

So make them fix it!

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