Saturday, October 31, 2009

Does anyone else find the "free credit" commercial offensive?

I think people should be more than a credit score. The guy in the commercial said he %26quot;married his dream girl%26quot; but after she had bad credit he could be a %26quot;happy bachelor with a dog and a yard%26quot; a %26quot;credit challenged consumer%26quot; I find the commercial very offensive. Does anyone else? I want to start and alternative credit system and call it %26quot;crudco%26quot; it would be if people pay their rent and house payments. That is what is important. what do you think?

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

I find it very offensive to even imply that the type of person you are is governed by your credit score.

And besides that they are not really free.

I simply can not believe the things that some people say. Your credit is just that, yours. If you get married and your spouse has bad credit it has no effect on your credit what so ever unless you take out joint loans and even then the only effect depends on how those loans are paid.

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

Yeah this sounds offensive

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

They have pretty dumb commercials - especially the one with the couple who claims to be unworried because they check their credit every day.

Also, the %26quot;free%26quot; in their name is very misleading.

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

No, I don%26#039;t find it offensive because I%26#039;ve been here! Once you get married, your spouses credit rating becomes yours and if your significant other has misused their credit, your going to pay for it!

You can get a free credit report from here, but cancel the service if you don%26#039;t want monitoring.

I found that Annual Credit Report, a FREE site is not that accurate! Anyone who relies on this service to watch their credit as their only source of monitoring is more likely to become a victim of fraud because their not monitoring their credit enough.

I find it offensive somewhat that your credit score can tell others what type of person you are, but those who are careless about their credit will also be careless about other aspects of their lives and your credit score DOES show how YOU honor your obligations!!!!

Stephanie O, YOU do not know what you are talking about!! In a community proprtry state, you will also mmarry your spouses credit rating!! I didn%26#039;t think this was possible, but it happened to me! It wont happen right away, but it will happen!

If you get divorced, you better make sure you report the divoce decree to ALL 3 credit reporting agencies because it you don%26#039;t, your spouse can apply for credit and both of your names will be used to establish it and once this starts, it%26#039;s a hard mess to clean up! I needed a lawyer to put a stop to it!

If this wasn%26#039;t true, you wouldn%26#039;t be able to add someone to your accounts as an authorised signer and boost there score!! This tactic is used to improve creditr scores, but will not be available for much longer.

When you marry, the last name of your spouses changes and becomes part of YOUR identity! Also, a marriage becomes a legal joint tenancy with rights of survivorship and if you think the creditors will NOT come after you trying to collect those debtrs, think again! Sorry Spifiman, but I learned a lot more about this than I wanted to!

All that I had to do was to makes Ms.A ,Mrs. Duane B!

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

Duane doe%26#039;s not know what he%26#039;s talking about. Your credit is your and yours alone.

Spifiman is correct on this as usual.

Does anyone else find the %26quot;free credit; commercial offensive?

A big ten negative! A person is a person based on their whole! Pamela Anderson with a bad credit score is no good! Everyone wants to find the perfect girl/guy and financial responsibility is a part of that. If finances and personal depth are not an issue, your %26quot;perfect girl%26quot; is a super model. But this commercial is speaking to the market... The market being middle class Americans. We are talking about a class issue, not a sexist issue. This of course is marketing ! Don%26#039;t be such a cry baby, I take it you are a liberal too? Sniff Sniff sniff........ If it was a female singing the song you would would be fine with it...... Because in your eyes we are only if equal if equality raises your STATUS. (which is a cray baby)

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