Saturday, October 31, 2009

Someone pulling your credit report?

If your score goes down by so many points because of inquiries, what if someone pulls your report without your consent? Its degrading your score, what can you do about it?

Someone pulling your credit report?

Now you can get your name off a list that is given to companies who pay for this information to solicate to you. I believe the only way that you can lose points on your credit score is when you give a company your SSN and concent for them you pull your credit. Many companies look at your credit but not to issue credit, but to solicate to you (ex. You%26#039;re Pre- approved)...its not the same thing. Good Luck!

Someone pulling your credit report?

Not all inquiries knock down your score. For example, unsolicited inquires (for preapproved credit cards) don%26#039;t bring down your score. The only ones that do are solicited.

Someone pulling your credit report?

IF it is without your consent then you can call the credit agencies and ask that it be removed.

Remember if you have a credit relationship with the person pulling the reports they can and will pull your report periodically to check up on you.

If an account is turned over to a collection agency they can pull your report.

Someone pulling your credit report?

Other than a collection agency I cannot imagine who can pull your credit without your permission because they have to already have your social security number.

inquiries only make up 10% of your total credit score so it is negligible.

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