Saturday, October 31, 2009

Removing Bankrupcy from Credit Report?

I had filed chapter 13 following a divorce. My home was in forcluser. Two years after filing, I was working with a mortage broker. I wanted to the the home financing soley in my name.

In order to negiate and clean up my credit, I voluntarily had it dismissed. Before the financing was complete, a gun accident took the brokers life forcing me to jump back into bankrupcy.

My question is , is there any way to get the second bankrupcy %26quot;removed%26quot; due to extenuating circumstances?

Removing Bankrupcy from Credit Report?

Bankruptcy%26#039;s are public records and can not be removed by anything except time.

Removing Bankrupcy from Credit Report?

its a sad situation that you are in but unfortunately you have to sit out those 10 yrs on that bankruptcy

you and no one else can delete or remove that from your credit file.....

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