Saturday, October 31, 2009

Personal info errors on credit report?

The following is not correct on my Experian report:

1. A motel where I stayed once is listed as a former address of mine and as a single family home. I do not think that it was ever my legal address. I know that it was not a single family home.

2. In the list of names and name identification numbers, they have listed the same name with no middle initial or middle name, with a middle initial, with a full middle name, and again with no middle initial or middle name. Each of these has a separate name identification number. There are four unique numbers, but only three unique names (and only one unique first and last name).

A. Is any of this important enough to bother disputing?

B. Do creditors care about the number of names and/or the number of addresses on my report?

Personal info errors on credit report?

As a Banker, yes you should clear this up to reflect your present address and legal names. It only gives a creditor a reason to deny a loan if there are disputed facts on the report.

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