Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to write a credit report for a Bank?

1.formant for writting the report

2. Key issues to consider

3. what information should a customer provide the bank

How to write a credit report for a Bank?

I%26#039;m a little confused as to your question...???

If I understand you correctly, the Bank has told you that you need a credit report, probably in order to qualify for financing, correct? Now you think this means to physically %26quot;write%26quot; a credit report?

Forgive me if I%26#039;m condecending in any way. I may have completely misunderstood your question so my apologies in advance.

A credit report is something established over time. In order to establish credit you must have a SSN which is unique to individuals. This allows the %26quot;Bank%26quot; to report your payment history with them to your credit report. A credit check by anyone or any Bank will reveal your account(s), payment history, and other important financial information of yours. You are given a score, generally between 350-850, and the higher the better. This is how the %26quot;Bank%26quot; will determine the risk they are taking by loaning you money. If you do not have a credit report then you either do not have a SSN or you have never had a loan or credit card before. Your credit is one of the most valuable things for you to uphold and keep reputable.

How to write a credit report for a Bank?

Pick a number between 0 and 1000?

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